Wiggy How-To and Restoration Guides #1: Cleaning Sticker Residue From Your Games


This is the first in a long line of How-Tos and Restoration guides for your retro (and sometimes modern) gaming needs!

This week I want to show you guys and gals how to clean up your old cartridges with a wonderful product called Bestine.

Bestine is a solvent that’s most often used for removing Rubber Cement and other adhesives in the art/craft world. You may be asking what this has to do with anything game-related. Well, when it comes to removing old price stickers and other sticky crap from your used carts, this stuff is king! Here’s why:

  • Won’t damage artwork that may be underneath those nasty price stickers
  • Works really quickly
  • Won’t leave an oily mess like Goo Gone that could damage the label

Things you should know about Bestine:

  • It flashes off VERY quickly, so don’t think you’re gonna soak something in it
  • It’s EXTREMELY flammable, as the label clearly illustrates. Do NOT get this anywhere near an open flame!
  • It is far costlier than products like Isopropyl

Here are two quick videos that I made to better illustrate the awesomeness that is Bestine ;D

In this 1st vid you’ll see how well the Bestine gets along with delicate N64 labels.

Here’s a 2nd that shows how effective Bestine is versus Isopropyl.

Bestine can be found at art supply and craft stores. I’d recommend it to anyone that buys used games, especially cartridges. It’s an invaluable tool for restoring those funky old carts to their former glory :)

Stay tuned for more Wiggy guides…

Comments (2)

  1. mike says:

    does this also work on boxes (nes,snes,gb etc) i have a bunch with price tags on them that i would love to remove.

    1. wiggy says:

      It sure does! Just be gentle and patient. I’d recommend rubbing lightly with the Bestine and a Q-Tip until the adhesive softens then wipe it off with a clean towel :)

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