New Super Nintendo Shell in the Works!

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Hey, Fu ( or Foo) from Rose Colored Gaming here, giving you an Rose Colored update. 

So this past week, Wiggy has been hard at work making and prototyping our own custom SNES shells. A lot of hard work goes into the creation of these shells. We plan on doing various colors, but as of now, we are just trying to get all of the technical work out of the way. Wiggy has gotten to the point where we can actually put a SNES board in the shell, but there is still much work to be done. Would you guys like to see these for sale? Would you guys like to see any specific colors? Stay tuned in this week for more info!

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  1. Grant says:

    Once you work the kinks out of this one, I’d love to see you do a NES shell next!

  2. David C says:

    Very cool! I really liked the look of the orange shell that was posted on Instagram. I would definitely like to see these for sale, though price is something I hope you guys will consider carefully as that could make or break it. Really looking forward to see how this project goes!

  3. StealthyAqua says:

    I would LOVE this. I’m sure other people would as well- this is especially true given the SNES’s tendency to yellow and look pretty awful over time.

  4. James says:

    Red, black and also semi transparent in these colours. This case would be awesome! Just hope it won’t be priced out of my range.

  5. Chris says:

    I can’t wait, sign me up. My original snes works great but the case is broken and very brittle. I’ve been waiting for this!

  6. Brandon says:

    Very cool. But do you have any plans on making pal/super famicom shaped snes shells. I can guarantee there’s a lot of people, including myself, who would want a pal shaped she’ll.

    1. A-Dizz says:

      possibly, no ETA, but I imagine we will try this at some point.

  7. Victor says:

    Actually, this is really relevant to my interests. I had the shell of my childhood SNES broken a number of years back. It all still works fine but there are cracks and pieces of the shell missing. I would kill for an opportunity to send it in and give it a totally new shell like this one. I’d actually like something that was an homage to the SNES colour scheme though. Something with gray and purple. I’d also be really interested in modded video outputs. Do you guys see any of these things being possible in the future?

  8. Ian says:

    I seriously can’t wait until these are available for purchase.

    1. A-Dizz says:

      Thanks! Yeah we’re really hyped to be able to offer them, many possibilities.

  9. Mavrick says:

    Wish we could get some translucent snes original shells, that would be sick.

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