New Displai Stands are here!

Blog header 9-6-2017 a

We have a few new Displai Stands, as well as some other products, available now on the website. Our Special Edition display stands will now be limited in quantity, so get them while you can!

  • New 2DS XL Display Stand
  • Sega Dreamcast VMU Display Stand
  • Wii Classic Controller Display Stand
  • Wii Classic Pro Controller Display Stand
  • Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Display Stand
  • Dragon Quest Liquid Metal Slime Edition ‘ New’ 2DS LL/XL Display Stand
  • Pokemon: Eevee Special Edition 3DS XL Display Stand
  • Panasonic Q DVD Replacement Rails
  • Gameboy Light Battery Covers

Stay tuned for more updates to our shop, and more Rose Colored Gaming announcements!


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