Marvelous: Another Adventure Island!


Ahoy retro gamers! We are now selling the latest version of Marvelous which is now a 100% translation. It finally has all Japanese graphics, puzzles, images, and text translated into English and is fully playable. This version is an exclsive RCG rom.

Welcome to Marvelous, the best RPG you’ve never played; a bit of an RPG stew, brewing up elements of Secret of Mana, A Link to the Past, and Chrono Trigger.

Game Description: When Marvelous Another Treasure Island was released in 1996 to Japanese audiences it was very late in the SNES life cycle, after the release of the N64. Due to the timing, this great RPG title was lost in the shuffle and was never translated or released to western audiences. Good News Everyone! RCG does it again and brings you this now 100% translated Marvelous to you in a custom designed exclusive package after a long 19-year wait. A retro gaming gem once lost to the tides of time can now be yours to behold.

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  • Multi-piece wood & acrylic cartridge shell, with satin polyurethane finish
  • Laser-etched semi-transparent acrylic faces show through to the inside of the cartridge PC board
  • Wood display stand
  • Custom designed packaging, instruction manual, and trasure map


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