Formlabs 3D Printer: A New Step for Rose Colored Gaming

3d printer 1

Hello everyone. Foo here to bring you the good word. Recently, we have invested in a Formlabs 3D printer. These machines are able to print with high accuracy and resolution, unlike most models in the past few years. A lot of 3D prints require much work after the job is complete, such as sanding and detailing the print, where as the Formlab machine doesn’t. It’s wireless capabilities also make using this machine a breeze, requiring no effort to sync it to your computer, or even your phone. We have been integrating this machine into our daily routine, which is something we haven’t done with 3D printers in years!

So what are we planning to to use the 3D printer for? We will be using it to augment our laser cut products. For example, make parts that we could otherwise not make with our laser cutter. One of our first projects that we want to use it for will be revising our Super Nintendo shells. With our first models, and the ones that we sold, they were extremely complex because of the limitations of parts we could use. With this machine, it will eliminate much of the difficulty that comes along with assembly. We are also planning to use this 3D printer for prototyping. You may have heard some talk about us bringing the GameBoy Micro face-plates back. Well we plan on it, and this is where we are starting. We are using our Formlabs 3D printer to make prototypes/revisions of a micro face-plate, and are planning to use these prototypes to launch a Kickstarter in the future. Then, if we reach our goal, we will have tooling made to put them into large scale production. With the high accuracy of this 3D printer, we can be assured that it will produce an accurate representation of our model. For example, we recently modeled a battery cover for the GameBoy light, a Japanese back-lit version of the GameBoy pocket. After printing out the model, it fit the Gameboy light perfectly, with no extra work needed to be done to the battery cover.


3d printer 2

We are confident that this 3D printer will help bring our business to the next level. Now that high resolution 3D printers are more obtainable for smaller businesses, we can take our creativity to the next level.


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