Deku Stix: Process Makes Perfect

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Hey everyone! Foo here, giving you an update on the progress we are making on our Deku Stix. Last week, all of the supplies necessary to create these Joi Stix arrived, so we dove in head first.

The most important part of making our Joi Stix is constructing the frame. So we went to the lumber yard to pick out the best walnut boards we could find. After cutting them all down to size, we were able to begin the etching process. This part is the easiest, because our Epilog laser cutter does the hard work for us, with pinpoint precision. If you couldn’t already tell, we use our laser cutters for just about everything here at Rose Colored Gaming. The top and bottom of our Joi Stix are made with acrylic, as well as laser cut/etched. The buttons/sticks have arrived a couple weeks ago, the 8BitDo wireless boards came early this week, and the frames are finished; things are moving fast here! As of now, we have everything we need to start gearing up for assembly.

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These past few weeks have been extremely busy for us, especially with trying to fit in the Joi Stix into our table time on the laser cutter. We have been receiving more orders than ever, and we are working hard to keep up with it all. There may be small delays in shipping if you purchased anything recently, but we have not forgot about your order! The Laser cutters have been at use non stop, with most of the time going towards display stands, display signs, and Joi Stix. We may be investing in another laser cutter here soon to increase production, which would certainly help our cause. Just a quick thank you for being patient, and helping us grow!

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Here in the next week or so, we will give an update on when these Joi Stix will be shipping out. Our street Fighter Sticks will be available for pre-order very soon!

Stay tuned for more updates.



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