Deku Stix Pre-Orders


Hey Folks! We are happy to announce that our line of Joi Stix are returning to the Rose Colored Gaming shop! It was one of our favorite products to make, so we are happy to have them back. We have spent much of our time lately designing new items for our new Displai section, so we are happy to return back to bigger projects.  


Zelda 8Zelda 5Zelda 6


Our Deku Stix are the latest addition. These hand-crafted Joi Stix utilize 8Bitdo controller boards, which makes them compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Mac/iOS, Windows, and Android; It is even compatible with the NES, SNES, and the NES classic if you own the 8bitdo adapters. We only use Genuine Sanwa buttons(Sanwa OBSF 30mm & OBSC 24mm Pushbuttons) and joysticks(Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick) with our Joi Stix, ensuring the quality of the build is top notch. The buttons feature the Hylian language, so we hope you have a Hylian alphabet to refer to :) The frame is built with solid walnut, and etched with our top of the line Epilog laser cutter. The top and bottom are made from black and gold acrylic, cut and etched here in shop. The surface is free of screws, which is a keystone part of our design with our Joi Stix. We take our hardware seriously here at RCG!

We will be Closing the pre-orders for this Friday.



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