Classic console display Stands and New Gameboy Advance Shells are Hitting the Store!


Hey everyone! The store is getting a huge product update today. We will be offering brand new Gameboy Advance shell colors and new display stands for international NES/SNES classic systems.

Display Stands:

  • Displai Pro: Famicom Classic
  • Displai Pro: Super Nintendo Mini (PAL/European)
  • Shelf Candy: Super Nintendo Mini (PAL/European)
  • Displai Pro: Super Famicom Classic
  • Shelf Candy: Super Famicom Classic

Gameboy Advance Shells:

  • 2000 Flushes (Transparent Blue)
  • Booger (Solid Green)
  • Ooze ( Extreme Green)
  • Zircon (Transparent)
  • Vanilla (Solid White)
  • Bandit (Transparent Black)
  • Sterling (Solid Platinum)

We also have many new products planned for the future! There is limited stock available for all of our GBA shells.




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